Teaching & Learning

Extra Curriculum

If you wish to extend your child’s learning, there are a number of extra- curricular options available at St. Mary’s.

Speech & Drama

Students take weekly classes before school or during lunch.  They are able and encouraged to take the ASCA (Australian Speech Communication Association) examinations from year 2-6. Classes are provided through Allied Arts.  Contact Susanne Harrison for more information on 9977 8699 or 0407 011 006.

School choir

Weekly rehearsals are on offer for the choir. Children are able to then perform at school masses, parish functions and community events.  We encourage the children to also make a visit to Wesley Heights Aged Care in Manly where we entertain the residents with our performances and join them for mass.


French, Spanish and Mandarin are available after school.  For more details, visit www.lcfclubs.com.au.  Classes are held in the Senior Library each Monday and Thursday.

Children from Years 4-6 learn Japanese as part of the school curriculum.

Music Program

St Mary’s students have an opportunity to learn and play music through group lessons or as part of an ensemble. Run by Evergreen Music, the program consists of weekly sessions which provide an insight into the foundations of learning and most importantly enjoying music.  For further information and enrolment details, please contact Evergreen Music at info@evergreenmusic.com.au or the school office.

Electronic Music Club is also available on a weekly basis.

Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy Programs

These extremely worthwhile services are provided through outside specialists who visit the school each week. Close contact between the therapists, class teachers and parents ensures that a collaborative approach is maintained.

Public Speaking

Students engage in public speaking in class, stage and whole school competitions.

Science Club

Students attend during recess, lunch or after school exploring such things as robotics, coding, printing and Lego animation creation.

Lunch Club

Enables students to enjoy time discovering new learning, completing assignments or participating in Mathletics.


Students learn a range of dance styles including jazz, funk, and hip-hop with the crew from Footworks Dance Company