Teaching & Learning

History & Geography

At St. Mary’s we believe it is important to enhance every students’ sense of personal, community, national and global identity.


The aim of the History syllabus is to stimulate students’ interest in and enjoyment of exploring the past, to develop a critical understanding of the past and its impacts on the present, to develop the critical skills of historical inquiry and to enable students to participate as active, informed and responsible citizens.

Students are taught and use historical concepts and skills to research the following content areas K-6:

  • Personal and Family Histories
  • Present and Past Family Life
  • The Past in the Present
  • Community and Remembrance
  • First Contacts
  • The Australian Colonies
  • Australia as a Nation


Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments. It is a rich and complex discipline that integrates knowledge from natural sciences, social sciences and humanities to build a holistic understanding of the world. Students learn to question why the world is the way it is, reflect on their relationships with and responsibilities for the world and propose actions designed to shape a socially just and sustainable future.

Students explore the following topics using Geographical concepts, skills and tools:

  • People Live in Places
  • Features of Places
  • People and Places
  • Places are Similar and Different
  • The Earth’s Environment
  • Factors that Shape Places
  • A Diverse and Connected World