Teaching & Learning

Religious Education

At St. Mary’s, Religious Education permeates the culture of the school through the values we uphold and practice.

We encourage the children to reflect our values in their behaviour and to ‘Listen and Love’. Firstly understanding the meaning of Catholic Discipleship and then understanding the relationship between the church and discipleship.

We are blessed to have close ties with our Parish of Manly-Freshwater and its two wonderful priests Father David and Father Paul. Father David and Father Paul are a regular visitor to our classrooms and loves spending time with the children, sharing a laugh and one of their many stories.

Throughout the year there are opportunities for the school and parish community to celebrate Mass together at Feast Days, Holy Days of Obligation, Year Group Masses, Family Masses, End of Year and Graduation Masses.  These regular celebrations of our faith are at heart of our community activities and an important tradition in our school.

Our teaching staff follows the Broken Bay K-12 Religious Education Curriculum. It is taught through five key areas and allows the children to develop an appreciation of the Catholic tradition and its relevance today. These areas are:

  • God, revelation and human destiny
  • Jesus, human and divine
  • Church and discipleship
  • Prayer and sacraments
  • Sacred scripture