Our School


St. Mary’s School opened in 1881, five years after the establishment of the St. Mary Immaculate Parish.

In the initial four years it had a lay Principal, before The ‘Sisters of the Good Samaritan’ took over teaching and administration in 1885. It taught boys and girls up to an intermediate level. At one stage there was even an Industrial Orphanage on site.

Both Stella Maris Secondary College and the Christian Brothers High School were once located here but have now since relocated. The buildings on either side of our St Mary’s Church are both now occupied by our Primary School.

Over the years, the building interiors have undergone extensive renovations.  The old Christian Brothers High School in particular, is now home to four senior classrooms, an exciting new media room and modern library. However, if you look around and up, you will still see signs of the original school, additions made at different stages and the beautiful, old church building at its centre.  St Mary’s has certainly combined the old and new, accommodating the growing need to educate children through the last Century and into this one.