Socktober Has ‘Kicked Off’

This week the children welcomed Marianna, Dorothy and Alan from Catholic Mission who facilitated engaging workshops with the children. They explored the haves and have nots of children around the world and how something as simple as clean water can be a struggle for some families. These workshops launched our Socktober journey which started with a penalty shoot out with our Year 6 Mission leaders and our Sydney FC coaches. Check our Facebook to see who won!

As part of Socktober we are hoping to raise money to support the wonderful work of Catholic Mission. Donations this year are cashless and can be done by registering your child online. Registering your child is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5!
Click on this link and you will see the following page:

Most people will not have an Everydayhero account, so just click ‘no’ and follow the prompts to add your (parent) details then your child’s details. You do not need to join a team, so just click ‘no.’ Your fundraising target does not have to be a huge amount, just $5 would make a huge difference. We would really encourage the children to ‘earn’ their donations. Perhaps they could do some jobs around the house, walk the neighbour’s dog, help an elderly relative or help a sibling with homework to earn money to donate to their Catholic Mission fundraising.
Then simply share your link with friends and family.
If you would prefer to make a donation rather than create an account, you can donate to Mr McGuire’s page here:
What are we raising money for? Catholic Mission supports children and families around the world who do not have access to clean water, education and medical care- things we all take for granted here in Australia. Watch this video to see the great work Catholic Mission does to change the lives of others
Over the coming weeks the children will be taking part in Mission Modules where they explore the values of respect, love, enlightenment, compassion, joy and balance, linking these values to the Scriptures and our actions.
Next term we will hold a fun ‘Socktober’ Day at the conclusion of our Socktober journey, complete with Sydney FC and Mr McGuire penalty shoot outs, make your own soccer ball and much more. Keep your eye out for further details!