Wellbeing Treasure Chest Meditation and Social/Emotional learning program

Last week year 3 celebrated their final session of the Wellbeing Treasure Chest Meditation and Social/Emotional learning program. Louise Kissane and the classroom teachers run this program over 10 weeks each year with all K-3 students.

It focusses on wellbeing and social emotional learning using the tools of meditation, creativity and circle time discussion. By taking regular time within the school week to connect with themselves through meditation allows the children to discover how they are feeling and what is going on at an internal level.

They can then learn to use this self-awareness to respond to these discoveries with an attitude of self-care. This treasure chest is full of inner qualities and resources that the children learn to develop and utilise to support their own wellbeing in everyday life.

For our final session with year 2 and 3, we wanted to explore and experience how spending time in nature can affect our sense of wellbeing. The students had the opportunity to do this  through a nature connection and mindfulness practise on Manly Beach.

Year 2 students will be heading into nature this Thursday. Kindy and Year 1 will begin the 10 week program in week 5.