Year 5 Camp

The purpose of the Year Five camp was to explore our leadership skills and use these during the activities. There were a variety of activities designed to build our confidence, trust, hope and bravery. These included a challenge course, Big Swing, Abseiling, Flying Fox, Laser Tag and Orienteering.

All of the activities were really fun, especially the Big Swing! The Big Swing was exciting because you felt as if you were flying! This activity required you to have trust, courage and confidence in yourself; just like a real leader!

Year Five learnt to challenge themselves, trust each other and be innovative with their ideas. They were challenged to face their fears. The groups had to trust their peers and instructors. The students had to be innovative to come up with solutions to problem-solving activities. The camp was amazing and Year Five were privileged to attend.

Written by Year Five as a co-constructed text