Returning to School after HBL

Coming Back to School

It has been more than 60 days since we had a normal school routine – around 13 or 14 weeks of Home Based Learning.

It makes sense that your children may need some practical and emotional support when it comes to easing back into a normal school routine and daily learning.

How Can I Best Prepare my Child Emotionally?

We have some fantastic resources available for our parents, which you can start using right away – ensuring a smoother, safer return for your student.

This extensive fact sheet gives advice on how to help prepare your child to return to school and how to manage uncertainty and anxiety.

Parenting expert Maggie Dent is holding a webinar, free to CSBB parents, which covers parenting during a pandemic. You can access it here.

There are some easy to follow tips and advice here, including how to Review, Act, Analyse and Plan.

This detailed handbook from the Australian Psychological Society gives parents a wealth of suggestions on how best to support their child.

What Changes to Health and Hygiene Will There Be?

In addition to the mental wellbeing of our students, it’s important to us that their health is prioritised as well.

We will be practicing social distancing wherever possible, focusing on hand washing and sanitising, have a dedicated hygienist on site and limited visitors at the school.

All our teachers have been double vaccinated and will be wearing masks – only removing them occasionally in required circumstances.

In addition, we recommend watching Dr Nick Coatsworth’s very informative address, where he discusses COVID in schools and children’s resistance levels, at the Catholic Schools NSW 2021 Virtual Education Law Symposium.

Our school plan and protocols can be found right here, in a visual guide that you can also show your child.

Let’s Continue to Work Together

We can’t wait to have you back on site and appreciate the collaboration and dedication to your student’s wellbeing and education.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via your teacher, the office or any usual methods. We welcome a chat anytime.


Advice for parents on helping your child prepare to return to school Returning to school - tips and advice Advice on transitioning back to school Free webinar with Maggie Dent - Practical parenting in a pandemic Dr Nick Coatsworth discusses COVID in schools and children's resistance levels, at the Catholic Schools NSW 2021 Virtual Education Law Symposium Return to school plan and protocols